Gun Outfit announces new album Out Of Range, shares NRA-eschewing new single “Landscape Painter”

Gun Outfit announces new album Out Of Range, shares NRA-eschewing new single "Landscape Painter"
Photo: Jenna Thornhill Dewitt

Because it feels awfully like Western Civilization might be in the midst of a biblical apocalypse episode, L.A.-based shamble-rock outfit Gun Outfit’s latest album is strewn with both classical and postmodern references to nature’s blithe and beautiful apathy toward all mankind…set to a country-tinged soundscape you can hum along to!

Take the band’s latest single, “Landscape Painter,” which, as I’m sure you probably already guessed, is a song about the Dutch Renaissance artist Brueghel the Elder and the time worn conundrum of color and texture overwhelming human concerns. Or as Gun Outfit frontman Dylan Sharp describes it, “just another naive rendering of a gentle breeze.”

The album which “Landscape Painter” is lifted from is the forthcoming Out of Range which Paradise of Bachelors will release on November 10. In addition to describing the collection as the band’s “most brutally beautiful statement yet,” the label name checks everyone from Samuel Beckett to St Augustine — so, start preparing your supplemental reading list now if you hope to ever enjoy Out of Range on as many levels as you’re supposed to.

Alternately, I guess you could just pre-order it here now, and start studying all the finer points of “Landscape Painter” down below:

Out of Range tracklisting:

01. Ontological Intercourse
02. Landscape Painter
03. Cybele
04. Strange Insistence
05. The 101
06. Slow Realization
07. Sally Rose
08. Three Words
09. Primacy of Love
10. Background Deal
11. Second Decade

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