Half Japanese to deliver FULL Why Not? album on Fire Records in January; share first single “The Future Is Ours”

Half Japanese to deliver FULL Why Not? album on Fire Records in January; share first single “The Future Is Ours”
Because...why not?

Despite impressive side-ward deviations as a solo artist and ardent collaborator, one-of-a-kind painter, and paper-cutter; it’s still Half Japanese for which the idiosyncratic Jad Fair is most well known. And despite a 40+ year career that one might call “unpredictable” to say the least, Half Japanese remains a vital outlet for his substantial talent. And now, perhaps as an ingenious answer to his own question, Fair is returning to the fray with the latest HJ album in January, entitled Why Not?.

Admired by fans, musicians, and critics alike (Lester Bangs dug them and I am positive that Robert Christgau once said something about them “reinventing rock ‘n’ roll”), Half Japanese have had a crucial influence on many underground music acts, such as Daniel Johnston, Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub, and Nirvana. (In fact, wasn’t Kurt Cobain wearing a Half Japanese t-shirt when he took his life? Ok, you can disregard that fact for lack of tact, but Cobain was indeed a fan and got them to open some In Utero tour dates back in the day.) Bottom line: anyone who has kept up with the band in recent years knows that Half Japanese never grows old, and this new 13-song collection bears the band’s hallmark in spades: great tunes about love and monsters.

Why Not? is out January 19 on Fire Records and features the most recent and stable line-up of Fair, Mick Hobbs, Gilles-Vincent Rieder, John Sluggett, and Jason Willett. Hearie and lookie at the video for the Why Not?’s opener and first single “The Future Is Ours” down below.

And, speaking of taking ownership of the future: “why not” pre-order the CD, DL, LP, or limited white LP here? You are guaranteed more than a, ahem, Fair batch of songs…

Why Not? tracklisting:

01. The Future Is Ours
02. The Face
03. Why Not?
04. Amazing
05. Demons of Doom
06. A Word to the Wise
07. Bring on the Night
08. Zombie Island Massacre
09. Better Days
10. Spaceship to Mars
11. Why’d They Do It?
12. Magic
13. Falling

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