Hamilton Leithauser announces debut album Black Hours, having shrugged off all that Walkmen dead weight

Hamilton Leithauser announces debut album Black Hours, having shrugged off all that Walkmen dead weight

Let me say what we’ve all been thinking: 4 out of 5 members of The Walkmen were totally worthless. Complete piles of garbage! Look, we all know frontman Hamilton Leithauser was great. But those other four guys? Pee-yew! Take those tight, inventive arrangements and shove ‘em. So, boy is it great to hear that Leithauser is shaking off all that Walkmen dead weight with his debut solo album Black Hours, out May 6 through Ribbon Music. Hamilton, my boy, I’m telling you: this Walkmen hiatus is the best thing to ever happen to you.

Replacing those Walkmen good-for-nothings as Leithauser’s Black Hours accompaniment is an all-star list of collaborators. Participants include Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij, Morgan Henderson of Fleet Foxes, Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors, Richard Swift of The Shins, and Paul Maroon of… The Walkmen!? Sheesh, you just can’t shake those guys. Later this year, Leithauser will hit the road with Henderson and Swift, though no dates have been announced yet. That said, the singer does have four dates scheduled at New York’s Joe’s Pub on April 15 and 16. Five bucks say the rest of The Walkmen show up at that show, all like “Hey Hamilton let’s play ‘The Rat’” and “Hey Hamilton let’s make another great Walkmen album wah wah wah” and et cetera. Whatever, dudes.

Watch a video for Black Hours’ first single “Alexandra” below. The track will be available as a limited 7-inch on Record Store Day (which falls on April 19 this year) with exclusive B-side “In The Shallows.” While you’re there, maybe pick up one of The Walkmen’s past records, because I’m sure the rest of those jokers will need the money. Ahhhh, I’m just yanking your chain: those guys are alright by me.

Black Hours tracklist:

01. 5 AM
02. The Silent Orchestra
03. Alexandra
04. 11 O’Clock Friday Night
05. St Mary’s County
06. Self Pity
07. I Retired
08. I Don’t Need Anyone
09. Bless Your Heart
10. The Smallest Splinter
11. Waltz *
12. In Our Time (I’ll Always Love You) *
13. Utrecht *
14. I’ll Never Love Again *

* deluxe edition only

• Hamilton Leithauser: http://www.hamiltonleithauser.com
• Ribbon Music: http://www.ribbonmusic.com

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