Hands in the Dark unveils trippy visuals for “Diagonals (Pt.1),” from Jonathan Fitoussi’s forthcoming “Diagonals” LP

Hands in the Dark unveils trippy visuals for "Diagonals (Pt.1)," from Jonathan Fitoussi's forthcoming "Diagonals" LP
Photo: Rosa Gleave

Here’s what Hands in the Dark has to say about their latest release, a live record from Parisian synthesist Jonathan Fitoussi:

Inspired by the performance space and the place [ed. note: St. James Church Crypt, London], he sculpted matrix combinations with the semi-modular Synthi AKS and Buchla Music Easel 70’s synthesisers, creating sounds whose vibrations resonated with the repetitive geometric motifs woven into the Afghan rugs on which the composer and his audience were comfortably installed and the venue’s brick vaults and pillars.

If that doesn’t get your heart racing to hear more, I don’t know what more I can provide….unless, of course, you’ve got more of a visual mind…

If that’s the case, we’ve got just the thing: a deep, synth-infused journey into the infinite, with appropriately space-y moving images, courtesy of director Laurie Carter. The crisp audio for “Diagonals (Pt. 1)” provides a good impression of the warm sounds emananting from that space that night, and the whole package is a worthy experience for those who missed out on the live event.

Rip and grip that pre-order and get your hands on vinyl edition of Diagonals prior to its street date of November 16.

Diagonals tracklisting:

01. Diagonals (Part.1)
02. Diagonals (Part.2)

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