Hanz announces synergized pair of cinematic EPs on Tri Angle Records; Plasty I due out in January

Hanz announces synergized pair of cinematic EPs on Tri Angle Records; Plasty I due out in January
Hanz standz.

Hey, nice: another release from Durham, North Carolina-based producer Brandon Juhans a.k.a. Hanz. The last time that we heard from him was a few years ago, when he was garnering name recognition courtesy of his first LP on the Brooklyn-based Tri Angle label. The tracks on that album enthralled by way of their nearly inexplicable mixture of styles and sources, which combined as seamlessly as a casserole filled with with melted down cheese and strawberries (yum!).

Even back then, Juhans had explicitly mentioned “Memphis rap tapes,” “tribal chants,” and “movie dialogue” as inspirational sources. But it’s the third item on that list which seems to have served as a particularly huge influence on Hanz’s upcoming EP Plasty I, due out January 19 on Tri Angle (as well as on its complementary successor, Plasty II, which is scheduled for release later in 2018). Juhans reportedly approached the composition of the both EPs as you would a film, intentionally including elements that will launch his audience on a particularly curvaceous emotional roller coaster. Certain elements/themes recur periodically, and even though backbreaking clicks aren’t a feature exclusive to film editing, a ton of trimming was apparently done in order to make the EPs less than 20 minutes each.

And luckily, in lieu of some frustratingly tantalizing movie trailer, you can check out the full track “Page” from Plasty I down below and pre-order the first EP here! Thank goodness for instant gratification.

Plasty I tracklisting:

01. Advice Ad
02. Plasty
03. King Speed
04. Root Words
05. Your Local Shapeshifter
06. A Breathing House
07. Page

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