This Heat reissuing discography through Light in the Attic

This Heat reissuing discography through Light in the Attic

Alright, do a quick scan of your memory banks for all of your memories in the folder titled “TMT News Posts by Taylor Peters.” I know it’s a big folder, so dig deep and focus in on March 2014, if you can. Anything coming up? Hows about a cute, little, almost-prophetic piece about how the legendary post-punk band This Heat said they were going to reissue their discography and how they kind of just stopped talking after they said that and didn’t provide any details? Ring any bells? Well, it should. As I have written, so it shall be.

Anyway, all those “scant details” and “whispers overheard in German bathrooms” are finally coming to fruition (just like they’re the secret code I’ve been low-key embedding in all of my news posts since late 2013): Light in the Attic just announced their very specific and detailed plans to reissue the band’s self-titled debut, the Health & Efficiency EP, and Deceit.

In what honestly sounds like less of a compliment and more of some real subtle shade, Damon McMahon of Amen Dunes described the band as “The Beatles of modern experimental music,” but trust me, this (heat) band is a good band. Because I know your trust is implicit, and because I’ve got that sweetheart Miles Bowe backing me up, you can go ahead and pre-order all three records from Light in the Attic right now, either as a big package or individually (and don’t miss out on the variety of colored vinyl options available if that’s your speed).

The official release date is slated for January 22 of next year.

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