Helm returns to PAN with new album Chemical Flowers, releases new track

Helm returns to PAN with new album Chemical Flowers, releases new track
Luke Younger? More like Luke Older! ;) (Photo: Robin Christian)

It’s been almost 4 years since Olympic Mess, an almost of-necessity peak for the cult career of one Luke Younger, who (uh, duh) creates music as Helm. Back then, before it became the abstract sonic juggernaut it is today, PAN could have perhaps been described as a cult-something as well. Now, Younger returns to PAN with a new record—the label’s 99th release and perhaps his new magnum opus?—Chemical Flowers. Go dust off your old robes; this cult is back in session.

You can listen below to “I Knew You Would Respond.” (Oh, did you Luke? Did you really?) It is, by the label’s own description, one of Chemical Flowers’ most unnerving moments, “possibly as it’s one of the most recognisably human.”

Of this there is no doubt. The track is a hop, skip, and a Ruptura-style jump from the UK artist’s previous sonic murals. It wearily yearns, shocks, stumbles, and groans. It wouldn’t feel out of place at all on a [D*vid L*nch] film score. You looking for a soundtrack to your underground hem-haw meetings behind the local Arby’s? Look no further.

Excitingly surreal, enormous, and illusory, it’s hard to remember that “I Knew” is merely an omen for what’s to come: Chemical Flowers arrives in full on May 17. But with a blood sacrifice (or, idk, maybe not), you can pre-order the album now.

Chemical Flowers tracklisting:

01. Capital Crisis (New City Loop)
02. I Knew You Would Respond
03. Body Rushes
04. Leave Them All Behind
05. Lizard In Fear
06. Toxic Racecourse
07. You Are The Database
08. Chemical Flowers

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