Herbert announces new EP Part 7, making Part 6 seem like old news in an instant

Herbert announces new EP Part 7, making Part 6 seem like old news in an instant

Aw man! Remember the other month when I totally made you LOL with the thrilling, entertaining, and deftly written and delivered bit of news that techno/experimental uber-dude Matthew Herbert was rekindling his 90s classic techno-style run of five albums with a new entry, Part 6? And, not only that, but also how it was gonna be released on his own Accidental Records?? I mean, remember how special it all felt and how happy we both were???

Well forget all that. Turns out, it wasn’t special. We weren’t happy. It was no big deal, after all.

Why? Simple, my friend. Dude’s already onto Part 7. Seriously. It’s coming out on Accidental on September 14. For real. There’s even a lead single for the thing streaming down below. It’s called “Bumps.” It’s cool. Maybe cooler than Part 6, even. Ugh, and it even reprises his use of vocalist Rahel from the London band Hejira! I know, I know. I think I’m going to be sick. And to think, we both thought we were witnessing Herbert History together… Ah, what fools we were back in June!

Part 7 tracklisting:

01. Bumps
02. Sucker
03. Get Strong
04. Pretty Daddy

Herbert World Tour 2014:

08.22.14 - London, UK - The Hydra

• Herbert: http://dev.matthewherbert.com
• Accidental: http://accidentalrecords.com

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