Hey Hey CMJ, How Many Boys Did You Kill Today?

The CMJ Music Marathon has announced plans to merge with NYU for a hostile takeover of lower Manhattan. Slated to occur between Tuesday, October 16 and Saturday, October 20, the 27th CMJ Music Marathon is taking no prisoners. Not content with the levels of saturation normally achieved during its four-day stronghold on Manhattan and Brooklyn, CMJ is wisely teaming up with the fastest property-acquiring, tri-letter institution in the tri-state area. Worried about the plans to turn your rehearsal space into new freshman dorms? Better apply to play CMJ now! After all, CMJ's press release would like to take credit for the careers of The Shins ('06), Motion City Soundtrack ('05), The Arcade Fire ('04), The Killers ('03), Modest Mouse ('98), Eminem ('98), Black Eyed Peas ('97), Wilco ('96), Green Day ('94), Queen Latifah ('90), The Beastie Boys ('85), U2 ('85), Red Hot Chili Peppers ('84), and R.E.M. ('83).

To continue copying and pasting, there is alternative fun for those who aren't interested in music: test out panels, keynote speeches, film premieres, a Continuing Legal Education symposium, mentoring sessions, tutorials, and a sizzling, interactive lifestyle area. New York was rather lacking in the latter!

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