Hifiklub & Lee Ranaldo announce documentary + OST album In Doubt, Shadow Him!

Hifiklub & Lee Ranaldo announce documentary + OST album In Doubt, Shadow Him!
Fun fact: the "L" in "L train" stands for Lee (Photo: Jean Loup Faurat)

You folks already know Lee Ranaldo as a founder of Sonic Youth, duh! I don’t know if you’d even be considered a bigger fan if you knew that he did solo stuff (guess it’s kind of assumed, right?)…BUT you’ll be the first one in the noise-art-experimental-rock inner circles (I swear they exist) to know about Lee’s new project, a collab with French experimental group Hifiklub.

The pair’s recent sonic collision resulted in the soundtrack for In Doubt, Shadow Him!, a 49-minute documentary about the musician directed by Arnaud Maguet. I bet Sonic Youth will be mentioned somewhere in there.

The soundtrack is a veritable experimental musician smorgasbord, featuring Ikue Mori, Alan Licht, Nels Cline, Scanner, Bob Bert, and Don Fleming. Ranaldo also does a duet with Talk Normal’s Sarah Register on the closing track “Pure (Take Me First).”

Grab it (ooh, splatter vinyl) July 6 and be a fly on the studio wall by watching “Weapons” below (and yes, Ranaldo does the cello bow on the guitar thing):

Hifiklub & Lee Ranaldo In Doubt, Shadow Him! OST tracklisting:

01. Racing Thoughts
02. On The Cusp
03. Someone Drifted Out Over The Edge
04. Musee De Ville De Paris
05. Weapons
06. Pure (Take Me First)

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