High Wolf announces new album Growing Wild on LEAVING, for consumption by your aura this June

High Wolf announces new album Growing Wild on LEAVING, for consumption by your aura this June

High Wolf a.k.a. [redacted] has gotten himself into a bit of a bind. On the one hand, he’s admitted to toying with the idea of abandoning music propagation (but not music itself) for reasons unexpounded, and on the other, there are the emotional and spiritual ramifications of doing so, in which fans would uniformly pile out onto the street and do the opposite of what High Wolf actually wants them to do — love and enjoy! Renegade police officers have justifiably been a source of communal strife over the past several months, but I’m worried what a High Wolf commercial retirement would mean for the integrity of local storefronts. Please, High Wolf, for the grand sake of our collective mental well-being, do what you’re planning to do, which is to release the brand new album Growing Wild June 8 via LEAVING!

There’s really not much information on Growing Wild, but if you’ve been an ardent listener across the French resident’s discography, then you probably appreciate the lack of a need for one. Unembellished psychedelia and international influences have been the continual threads, even if the label backing has been more of a patchwork (Not Not Fun did the honors in 2013).

Check our review of High Wolf’s last album, Kairos: Chronos, here, and listen to a track off the new one below:

Growing Wild tracklisting:

01. Wild At Heart
02. Girls, Amen
03. 1314
04. Savage Beasts Be Wise
05. Life Don’t Care
06. Maithuna
07. Exploratory Impatience

• High Wolf: http://on.fb.me/1FFHAvq
• LEAVING: http://leavingrecords.com

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