His Name Is Alive’s latest release is a psychedelic rock opera called Tecuciztecatl

His Name Is Alive's latest release is a psychedelic rock opera called Tecuciztecatl

You’d think that after almost 30 years, 13 albums, and 58 (58!) releases, Warren Defever might be getting a little short on original ideas for his defiantly original His Name Is Alive project. Well apparently not, because His Name Is Alive are set to release their 14th studio album, which is called Tecuciztecatl.

The record is a psychedelic rock opera that germinated from Defever’s epic splicing of every Thin Lizzy solo from 1971 to 1983 and tells the story of “an epic struggle between identical twins, reflective in nature, and mirrored in twin science, secret language and mythology.” The opening scene of the album depicts a young mother getting an ultrasound, discovering it’s twins, and also discovering that something is going terribly wrong.

The results, as you’d expect, and as demonstrated by the first shared track “African Violet Casts a Spell,” is as bonkers as you’d expect from such a premise:

You can try and make sense of the full album and what possible relevance it has to the Aztecs’ take on the man on the moon mythology when Tecuciztecatl is released on October 28 via Light in the Attic Records.

Tecuciztecatl tracklist:

02. See You in a Minute
03. I’m Getting Alone
04. Reflect Yourself
05. I Will Disappear You
06. I Believe Your Heart Is No Longer Inside This Room
07. African Violet Casts a Spell
08. Yes Yes Yesterday
09. The Cup

• His Name Is Alive: http://www.hisnameisalive.com
• Light in the Attic: http://lightintheattic.net

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