Holly Herndon announces new full-length Platform, out May 19 via RVNG Intl and 4AD

Holly Herndon announces new full-length Platform, out May 19 via RVNG Intl and 4AD

Holly Herndon has been all about that microsite, music video, and 10-inch game lately. And we’ve all been like, “Yo, Holly, you do you, but you ever thought about putting out a new full-length? We were all pretty into Movement back in 2012, you know.” And Holly just kept on doing Holly, which we totally respected, but were also sort of secretly at the same time thinking to ourselves, “Couldn’t ‘doing Holly’ include releasing a full-length possibly?” And then, lo and behold, we, or I, Taylor, came across a peach of a press release in the very same email inbox that I mostly use to talk to my mother: Holly Herndon has announced a new LP entitled Platform to be released on May 19 via 4AD and RVNG Intl.! Wow!

Platform apparently finds Herndon bringing a wider array of artists in to assist in her creative process, including the Dutch design studio Metahaven, digital artist Mat Dryhurst, and a collaborative track with Amnesia Scanner. It includes the two previously released singles “Chorus” and “Home,” the latter of which came with a music video created by Metahaven in collaboration with Herndon. Well, Herndon and Metahaven have gone and done the video thing again, this time for album opener “Interference.” You can watch the video below and pre-order the album. You could also pre-order the album via RVNG Intl. or 4AD and then watch the video. Or, if you have two monitors because you are rich, you could do both things at once. It really is up to you!

Platform tracklist:

01. Interference
02. Chorus
03. Unequal (feat. Colin Self)
04. Morning Sun
05. Locker Leak (feat. Spencer Longo)
06. An Exit (feat. Amnesia Scanner)
07. Lonely at the Top (feat. Claire Tolan)
08. DAO
09. Home
10. New Ways to Love

• Holly Herndon: http://hollyherndon.com
• RVNG Intl.: http://igetrvng.com
• 4AD: http://www.4ad.com

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