Holly Herndon’s new 10-inch Body Sound is more robot-sex dance music

Holly Herndon's new 10-inch Body Sound is more robot-sex dance music

Robots! They’re everywhere these days. Cleaning your floor, scouring the ocean floor looking for shipwrecks, reading the news on Japanese TV, and just generally freakin’ everybody out. They’re kinda scary and yet kinda cool, am I right? So don’t act like you haven’t thought about this question before: what would it be like if a robot learned how to love?

That’s the question answered by Holly Herndon’s music. Yes. Her musical aesthetic is “robot learning how to love.” Or at least it operates in an area of computer music that’s warm and vivid and awash in beautiful things, like love and shit, but still a wee bit cold and mechanical and well… computer-y. And it’s a wonderful thing, really, so it’s all the more exciting that Ms. Herndon’s new 10-inch, Body Sound, is coming out via Infinite Greyscale on July 17. It’s a single-sided baby blue 10-inch and boy is that single side purdy lookin’. In case you’re wondering, the song is a collab between Herndon and choreographer/dancer Cuauhtemoc Peranda for a performance that went down at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. Read more about its creation here, and listen to the whole thing below:

Behold! Body Sound! Preorder the record in all its glory on the Infinite Greyscale website. The release is limited to 300 numbered copies and features handmade artwork.

• Holly Herndon: http://www.hollyherndon.com
• Infinite Greyscale: http://infinitegreyscale.wordpress.com

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