Hookworms share two singles from forthcoming LP on Weird World

Hookworms share two singles from forthcoming LP on Weird World

Leeds-based bizarro rockers Hookworms have a new record called The Hum coming out later this year via Weird World, a London imprint responsible for Euro pressings from Peaking Lights, Washed Out, and How to Dress Well. Hookworms, however, are a different story. On last year’s album Pearl Mystic, the group harnessed droney, motorik rhythms and guitar screeds punched up with singer MJ’s impassioned yelps. It was a huge debut that showed a lot of promise, and not too many people outside of the UK caught it.

Now on sophomore LP The Hum, the five-piece introduce a tauter, heavier sound with lead single “The Impasse,” which features their new drummer JN, some oppressive distortion à la Perfect Pussy, and a shredded vocal performance. It’s their loudest track yet, shedding most of Pearl Mystic’s psychedelic haze but retaining the massive energy. MJ says of the change, “This time round though we knew we had a really clear audience, so The Hum is really about different freedoms and constraints.” Before the full record drops on November 10, the full tracklist and stream of “The Impasse” and even-newer-track “On Leaving” can be found below. Pre-order it here, ya dirt worms.

The Hum tracklist:

01. The Impasse
02. On Leaving
03. iv
04. Radio Tokyo
05. Beginners
06. v
07. Off Screen
08. vi
09. Retreat

• Hookworms: http://parasiticnematode.blogspot.com
• Weird World: http://www.weirdworldrecordco.com

[Photo: Steve Gullick]

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