Hookworms sign to Weird World to re-issue debut album, continue to sink creepy, microscopic teeth into intestinal walls of unsuspecting mammals

Hookworms sign to Weird World to re-issue debut album, continue to sink creepy, microscopic teeth into intestinal walls of unsuspecting mammals

Hookworms are a psychedelic noise rock band that lives in Leeds, though they may also be found in the intestines of several species of large mammals, including dogs, cats, and certain humans. Hookworms are thought to infect as many as 200 million people in the United Kingdom alone, causing significant epigastric pains, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea — not to mention wanderings around museums wearing headphones — in those afflicted. Hookworms are taken very seriously by doctors the world over. According to several medical sources close to this author, “Hookworms are kinda gross,” and “have you seen a close up picture of one? They look like creepy goddamn aliens.”

Through a strange trick of evolution and the music industry, Hookworms managed to release an album entitled Pearl Mystic earlier this year on the UK label Gringo Records. In an attempt to spread their parasitic endeavor, Hookworms have now signed with Weird World Records, an imprint of Domino Records and the home of acts such as Peaking Lights and Washed Out. Through Weird World, the album will be made readily available to the minds and intestines of the rest of the world. This announcement was made through a previously un-observed hookworm behavior in which thousands of the tiny creatures temporarily exited their hosts and formed a human-shaped mass of writhing worm flesh that spoke in a low rasp. Those present for the announcement uniformly described the event as “pretty upsetting to watch” and are mostly all dead now.

Though death by the internal tearing caused by a writhing mass of hookworms is always unfortunate, those unlucky few were especially unlucky in this instance. They will never have the chance to see the September 3 release of Pearl Mystic on Weird World (September 2 in Europe). Nor will they have the chance to gaze upon the sophomore album from the band/parasite that should be available in the “not-too-distant future.” Personally, I find a fragment of consolation in the thought that those who have now moved on from our world might have at least pre-ordered the album from Weird World, as pre-orders are available now. And it is this writer’s sincere hope that while those victims of the writhing wormbeast drifted across the river Styx, they had the sounds of “Away / Towards,” from Pearl Mystic, echoing throughout their fading minds. Listen below so that if you too meet an untimely fate, you will go at least having heard this song.

Pearl Mystic tracklist:

01. Away / Towards
02. Form And Function
03. i
04. In Our Time
05. Since We Had Changed
06. Preservation
07. ii
08. What We Talk About
09. iii

• Hookworms: http://www.parasiticnematode.blogspot.com
• Weird World: http://www.weirdworldrecordco.com

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