Houndstooth cryptically announce debut LP from producer Call Super, out in September

Houndstooth cryptically announce debut LP from producer Call Super, out in September

JR Seaton operates as Call Super, a Berlin-based producer that pushes a fractured, funky take on acid and techno. Seaton was the very first signing to the Fabric-operated Houndstooth label, who put out his Naive Reception 10-inch back in 2012. After various other excursions and plenty of time to sharpen his sound, we can now expect a Call Super full-length LP on the imminent horizon.

We don’t have too many details aside from the following ominous transmission from the artist himself:

The fears and passing joys of the world pouring in through mouth, nose, eyes and ears. React against what we cannot stand: the co-opted postures all over the land. Here now with the contradictory mix of the blissful, the panicked the paranoid that thrives place to place. Drowning us. Veins, organs and mind are filled until we blur into these cities and skies and our reactions fade away.

A positive assertion is staked and I see that this is no longer a part of me.

So, there’s that, a release date, a name (Suzi Ecto) and a tracklist. The former is September 15, the formats are vinyl, CD, and digital, and the latter is below. Pre-order the album from Houndstooth right here.

Enjoy Call Super’s eclectic FACT mix in anticipation of his LP below:

Suzi Ecto tracklist:

01. Snipe
02. Dovetail
03. Sulu Sekou
04. Hoax Eye
05. Raindance
06. Fold Again At Last
07. SE
08. Rosso Dew
09. Coney Storm Drain
10. Okko Ink
11. Acephale I

• Call Super: http://callsuper.tumblr.com
• Houndstooth: http://www.houndstoothlabel.com

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