Houndstooth celebrates three years with events and label comp ft. 18+, Call Super, Snow Ghosts

Houndstooth celebrates three years with events and label comp ft. 18+, Call Super, Snow Ghosts

Shit, the only way that we here at Tiny Mix Tapes could achieve a similar level of unusual and accelerated success is if we took a documentary on Usain Bolt and used fast-forwarding as our method of playback. Three years isn’t a tremendously long time for any label to be a functioning entity, and one gets the sense that if Houndstooth were personified, it’d be a not-your-average preteen who’s otherwise prone to scavenging for one’s own food, getting along with everybody, and giving helpful lectures to peers detailing the importance of mature behavior. The UK label borne out of Fabric somehow hit the jackpot with their not-exclusively-techno sound and dedication to being “artist-led,” which is why an anniversary celebration shouldn’t be looked at with skepticism. Those who’ve fought to stay sober for three years? I guess that’s as admirable.

Tessellations, a celebratory two-disc label compilation, is set for release February 26, and it features new tracks from every artist formally affiliated with Houndstooth, including 18+, Special Request, Akkord, Aïsha Devi, and Call Super, who released his Migrant EP last year and who actually cut the red ribbon for Houndstooth with the 2013 EP The Present Tense. There are also, of course, tracks from Snow Ghosts, Soft as Snow, and Throwing Snow.

That was only three years ago, and concerts haven’t transitioned to being entirely VR yet, so supplementing the compilation — the label’s 50th overall release, by the way — are three shows (two in London and one in Berlin) predictably featuring some of the members of the Houndstooth roster. Check out this page for more info.

Tessellations tracklisting:

Disc 1:

01. Aïsha Devi - Sheen Saker
02. Snow Ghosts - Undertow
03. 18+ - Guards
04. Guy Andrews - Salem Remains
05. Soft as Snow - Brainliquid
06. Call Super - New Life Tone (Rue d’Awakening Mix)
07. Throwing Snow - Elixir

Disc 2:

01. House of Black Lanterns - Everything
02. Akkord - Vector
03. Special Request - Live from Alpha Centauri
04. Second Storey - Elephant Ride
05. Shift Work - Hard Currency
06. _Unsubscribe_ - Bend Down
07. Marquis Hawkes - Can’t Stop

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