How to Dress Well preps Care Remixes EP, shares James Ferraro’s take on “Anxious,” continues to put off teaching us how to actually dress well

How to Dress Well preps Care Remixes EP, shares James Ferraro’s take on “Anxious,” continues to put off teaching us how to actually dress well
Step 1: get yourself a good sweater.

It can be so hard to get you people to care about anything sometimes, but that’s why I’m excited to drop today’s bombshell, because it has the word “care” right in the title, so I’m kind of forcing your hand!

That’s right, Tom Krell’s indie R&B project How to Dress Well is back with a new remix EP of tracks from his 2016 album Care, and it features new takes on old favorites from CFCF, Kamixlo Porches, James Ferraro, Nick Godmode, and Ben Babbitt. The EP is out this Friday, July 28, through Weird World, and it’s available to pre-order through any one of the aggregated links which you can find by clicking on this slightly-more-independent link.

Additionally, we here at TMT really have to thank Krell for helping us fill our strict monthly quota of James Ferraro news with the debut of the first of the Care remixes, “Anxious (James Ferraro’s Black Midi Remix),” which you can listen to below. Krell explains that Ferraro’s Far Side Virtual and Human Story 3 (along with Todd Haynes’ cinematic opus of suburban discomfort and capitalist claustrophobia Safe and Alexandra Kleeman’s debut novel You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine) actually inspired the original song, so he knew it would be a perfect fit. Krell says: “I knew [James] would understand the urgency and aesthetic berserkness that limns the pure bubbly pop of the song.” As they say on those paternity test episodes of Maury: “It’s a match!”

As if that wasn’t already enough to bring How to Dress Well into your good graces, the man has also announced the WE ARE ALL VERY ANXIOUS installation coming to NeueHouse Hollywood on July 28. Beyond the “immersive installation of sound, video, and text inspired by the song ‘Anxious,’” the event will feature the aforementioned novelist Alexandra Kleeman and 3D artist (what, like James Cameron?) Jason Ebeyer, alongside “readings, discussions, and a performance by How To Dress Well.” AHH, so much is HAPPENING!

But first things first: check out the full rundown of the Care Remixes tracklist below, and, of course, listen to that James Ferraro remix you just won’t shut up about.

Care Remixes tracklisting:

01. What’s Up (CFCF Remix)
02. What’s Up (Kamixlo Remix)
03. Made a Lifetime (Porches Remix)
04. Anxious (James Ferraro’s Black Midi Remix)
05. Anxious (Nick Godmode Remix)
06. Lost Youth / Lost You (Ben Babbitt Remix)

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