HoZac announces this year’s massive Blackout Fest, annual barometer for how out-of-touch you are

HoZac announces this year's massive Blackout Fest, annual barometer for how out-of-touch you are

I am apparently totally in-the-dark about the underground music scene. I mean, I’ve never heard of the HoZac Blackout Fest before but it’s been going for the last couple of years. Not to mention the run it had in the early 2000s. This time around, the lineup is absolutely mad: Dwight Twilley, Chrome, Mike Rep and Tommy Jay, Wizzard Sleeve and Pezband for starters. Four days of that kind of insanity, and me without a clue about it until now. The rest of you probably already know this, but typing things out helps me remember them, so here goes: the whole shindig is at the venerable Empty Bottle in Chicago, tickets range from $25 per day ($10 for Thursday) to $70 for a four-day pass, and the music will be going from May 16-19.

Scratch that on the four-day tickets, actually; this thing is so hot those have already sold out. That makes it all the more apparent that this is one of those “be there or be square” situations, kids, so get out there and get those remaining tickets. I’m squarer than a Lego brick so crawling back under my rock seems like a great option.

Confirmed bands: Mike Rep + Tommy J, Negative Scanner, Chrome, Wizzard Sleeve, Cop City/Chill Pillars, FNU Ronnies, Verma, Dwight Twilley, Pezband, GAMES, and lots of surprises!

• HoZac: http://hozacrecords.com
• The Empty Bottle: http://www.emptybottle.com

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