HTRK return with two-track Drama EP ahead of new full-length on Ghostly, stream new track “Mentions”

HTRK return with two-track Drama EP ahead of new full-length on Ghostly, stream new track "Mentions"
Photo: Gian Manik

New music from surrealist proto-punks HTRK brings a lot of sensations. It’s like the gentle kiss on the cheek from a rising loved one while you remain sleeping in the early morning. It leaves you drifting in and out of dreams, thinking about the recent death of a celebrity or how often you should be watering your plants.

The beloved Australian band’s recovery after the tragic loss of their bass player Sean Stewart led to 2014’s Psychic 9-5 Club, a devastating, impossibly good record. Now, after four more years of radio silence, they’ve announced their return with a two-track EP Drama — out July 6 on Ghostly International. This, of course, is just a quick teaser (they’re known for those), as the band is reportedly in the studio working on a full-length record arriving on Ghostly sometime later this year.

Below, you can stream “Mentions,” the A-side of the upcoming EP. Like most of the best work from the duo of Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang, this track comes from a place of imbalance and uncertainty. Grieving a lack of given intimacy from an obsessive, digital world, the song doesn’t disappoint. It follows closely in the gentle footsteps of 9-5 Club.

After that, you can also pre-order the 12-inch, physically and digitally — though it’s obvious from “Mentions” that they’d prefer the physical format.

Then, sweet angel, you can go right back to sleep. Sweet dreams! I love you.

Drama by HTRK

Drama cover art: Gian Manik

Drama EP’s super dramatic tracklisting:

01. Mentions
02. More to Enjoy

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