Hudson Alexander premieres “All We Know” from forthcoming We’re Gonna Have a Party EP on Bedroomer

Hudson Alexander premieres “All We Know” from forthcoming We’re Gonna Have a Party EP on Bedroomer
Hudson Alexander: party animal.

Being on the wrong side of ∞ years old has its advantages. (For instance: you should see me effortlessly unclog a sink or fuck up an omelette!) Mainly though, I have long come to terms with the fact that my sole legacy might just be one of these news stories and nothing more. It’s okay, honestly. Dumping the stress of the never-ending “attempt-fail” cycle is cushioned through enjoying others’ work and marveling at the seemingly endless energy and style some put to their pursuits. Like the way budding beatmaker Hudson Alexander and his current label Bedroomer go about with a dedication and a don’t-give-two-you-know-whats attitude; well…that just makes this ol’ man’s heart swell.

And speaking of swelling: anytime the producer-collective Bedroomer drops a new thing, it seems to incite a wave of communal uproar that travels farther and farther away from its Toronto turf. And we are thrilled today to add some fuel to the fire by premiering Hudson Alexander’s latest dancefloor raid “All We Know.” The track is from his latest 4-track EP We’re Gonna Have a Party, which arrives December 1.

For the track, the Toronto transplant (via Winnipeg) has come up with a proper rump-thumper with beats so tight that you have to take the doors off to get them in the room. With an onus squarely on hooks and backed by organ swells, hushed vocal bits, and snippets of horn, it’s really hard to miss with stuff like this. Another surefire party hit that feels calmly pulled off.

Just one of the many rhinestones on Bedroomer’s headrest (which includes releases by Internet Daughter, Fil Jackson, and boss Eytan Tobin), Alexander’s EP sets up a sweet fourth quarter for the label, who will also release Just John’s Black Beret EP on December 8. Before all that, prick up your ears to “All We Know” below, and keep your eyes peeled here for the pre-order announcement. Bedroomer always gonna have a party. Me, I’m gonna have a nap.

We’re Gonna Have a Party EP tracklisting:

01. 1:19
02. All We Know
03. 7am
04. We’re Gonna Have a Party

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