Hype Williams continues without Dean Blunt or Inga Copeland

Hype Williams continues without Dean Blunt or Inga Copeland

Hype Williams has apparently evolved (or powered up?). Just days after releasing a new album called 10/10, Denna Frances Glass has made an announcement regarding its current status: “dean nor inga are in hype williams anymore, but the ting continues regardless with other cats.”

The group has previously been described as an 18-year “relay project” started in 2005 by Glass and Father Ronnie Krayola, with its members changing every so often and sometimes spawning under different names. Their first recordings were apparently stuffed into a piñata and will be released at the end of the project (around year 2023). We hope all of this is true.

In related news, Dean Blunt has shared a new track called “419” from his Babyfather group. Check it out here while it lasts:

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