Hyperdub to release EP of characters from the mind of DJ Haram, listen to a track

Hyperdub to release EP of characters from the mind of DJ Haram, listen to a track

DJ Haram is involved in many Good and Holy things. For one, she’s half of 700 Bliss alongside rapper and poet Moor Mother. For another, she’s a longtime Discwoman affiliate, playing killer DJ sets in Philly’s underground intersections.

Apparently all this Holiness has piqued the interest of Hyperdub, which will be releasing a 12-inch solo EP titled Grace from Haram on July 5. Haram began writing Grace after a family tragedy led to “a transitional time of devastation and rebuilding.” Each song follows the story of a character (depicted on the sleeve art by Samantha Garritano) derived from the Jinn of Islamic folklore, Quranic angels, or Haram’s own imagination.

The first of these songs, “Gemini Rising,” can be streamed right now down below. It is indeed the construction of a narrative figure, of a character ready to move through drama and adventure. It is character creation. It is a body.

From Haram:

I usually write the Darbuka drum rhythm first… If each track is a body, the drums would be the energetic component at the core of every bodily system, the invisible soul and feeling, and the melodies, effects, dynamics, pitch, all those considerations are like the flesh, organs, bloodstream.

You can pre-order Grace now, along with a limited edition t-shirt, from Hyperdub’s Bandcamp. Haram’s 700 Bliss partner, Moor Mother, is featured on the album, and Hyperdub says she will be releasing an album on the label in the near future.

Grace EP by DJ Haram

Grace tracklisting:

01. No Idol
02. Interlude
03. Gemini Rising
04. Body Count
05. Candle Light (700 Bliss Remix)
06. Grace (K.O.D.)
07. Candle Light (Instrumental)

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