Icky Blossoms sign to Saddle Creek; prepare to be hazed by Conor Oberst, young’ins

Icky Blossoms sign to Saddle Creek; prepare to be hazed by Conor Oberst, young'ins

Your tween-loving heart will be glad to hear that Icky Blossoms, the band composed of Tilly and The Wall’s Derek Pressnall, vocalist Sarah Bohling, and filmmaker/musician Nik Fackler, have signed to Saddle Creek. Signing with Saddle Creek means more than just a legally binding contract to clean Conor Obert’s teardrop-shaped pool and look after Rilo Kiley’s pet Gila monster — it means you’ve made it!

Icky Blossoms may sound like a rude attack on Mayim Bialik’s appearance and cool hats, but the name also represents a group of friends from Omaha, Nebraska that possibly make dance-pop reminiscent of a gross flower. TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek will help the gang record their debut in the studio, where it is likely that Cursive frontman and Saddle Creek member Tim Kasher will play hidden camera pranks on the band à la the masterpiece television series Punk’d.

If you want an idea of want Icky Blossoms sound like, you can check out two tracks on their Facebook page. That’s as far as I’m going to help you out.

• Icky Blossoms: http://ickyblossoms.com
• Saddle Creek: http://saddle-creek.com

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