Iggy Pop and The Stooges’ Rental Truck Recovered! But That’s Not All That Was Recovered… Wait, Yes It Is

As we reported yesterday (TMT News), Iggy Pop and The Stooges woke up Monday morning to an empty parking space. Good morning! Apparently, their rental truck and the music equipment inside it were stolen. But there is some good news currently trickling down the long, phallic press pipe: according to Rolling Stone, the 15-foot yellow Penske truck was discovered by Canadian police several blocks from their Montreal hotel (good work, pigs). Unfortunately, the musical equipment was nowhere to found.

That won't stop The Stooges, though, as their gig in Toronto tonight is still on. Rather than retooling their live rock show as an impressionistic dance production, the band will use borrowed equipment to keep the rock spirit alive. Hope they borrowed a BOSS Metal Zone distortion pedal, because I have a feeling The Stooges will want to rock harder than they've ever rocked before.

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