Inga Copeland announces new album as Lolina

Inga Copeland announces new album as Lolina

Inga Copeland, one of our favorite artists (and formerly from one of our favorite groups), released the incredible RELAXIN’ with Lolina last year. Now she’s back almost exactly a year later with her follow-up, Live in Paris. Despite the album title, it’s unclear if the remaining tracks are live or not (the release is being referred to as a “studio album” but only four tracks are marked in some way as “live”), but most importantly, almost all of them appear to be new songs.

Live in Paris is being self-released next Monday, February 29. Relaxx and check out the studio version of “I Am Your Ambient Wife” below, which appeared on the third installment of Hyperdub’s 10th anniversary compilation series:

Meanwhile, Copeland and John T. Gast are releasing their second 7-inch together. It’s called “Sisters of Control” and is out on All Bone. Head to Bleep for more details.

Live in Paris tracklist:

01. Lolina (In Concert) feat. Audience
02. Live in Paris
03. Time in EU
04. Chance
05. Rage
06. Last Days Of Being A Wanker
07. Wheel Up My Tune!
08. I Am Your Ambient Wife Live
09. 2nd Chance
10. The Logic
11. Relaxx (Live)

Photo: Dan Mitchel

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