Inga Copeland releases RELAXIN’ with Lolina EP under new moniker

Inga Copeland releases RELAXIN' with Lolina EP under new moniker

Happy February 29 everybody! After teasing a release called RELAXIN’ with Lolina a week or two ago, Inga Copeland has finally dropped the thing into Boomkat’s lap. Neither a full-length nor a CD, RELAXIN’ is a brief, three-track EP self-released under the new moniker “Lolina” (a play on Lolita and Alina?).

What differentiates Lolina from Inga Copeland? Or Lolina from copeland? Or copeland from Inga? You’ll have to listen to find out, I guess, which is what I’m going to do instead of writing any more BS! So far, the EP only seems to be available here as mp3s or FLACs, but we’ll let you know if a physical version emerges. Also check out Birkut’s review of Copeland collaborator John T. Gast’s great new album.

RELAXIN’ with Lolina tracklist:

01. Lolina
02. Miss Understood
03. Relaxx

• Lolina:

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