Experimental pop duo Insides return after 16 years with new song “Ghost Music”

Experimental pop duo Insides return after 16 years with new song "Ghost Music"

Insides, the long-dormant abstract pop duo comprising Kristy Yates and Julian Tardo, is back. The band had been silent since 2000, following the release of their sophomore album, Sweet Tip. Earlier today, the two-piece shared a video for new song, “Ghost Music,” which along with their renewed social media activity seems to indicate a full-fledged return to music. According to Insides, “The video is largely made up of Super 8 loops that we used for our live shows to support Euphoria. If you look carefully you will see Freddie Mercury and Nosferatu.”

Founded by former Earwig members Julian Tardo and Kristy Yates, Insides achieved some notoriety in the early 90s thanks to their innovative take on dream pop, sometimes even venturing into post-rock — a genre yet to be fully birthed, mind you — due to their extensive use of samplers and non-musical looped basis. Signed to 4AD, the duo released their critically praised debut album Euphoria in 1993. A couple of EPs notwithstanding, Insides would not record again until 2000’s LP Sweet Tip, signaling a slow pace that must be considered when assessing their return. For what it’s worth, “Ghost music” picks up exactly were Insides left off, sticking to their unique blend of elegant sensuality, sparse instrumentation, and suggestive lyrics.

More details about their reunion plans are yet to surface. For now, check the old-school facial-morphing video for their new track below.

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