Supaflyweight MC Miss Red throws her debut haymaker on The Bug-produced K.O., counterattacks with first single

Supaflyweight MC Miss Red throws her debut haymaker on The Bug-produced K.O., counterattacks with first single
Photo: Kasia Zacharko

As some old poet once quipped, “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” But did you know that when it comes to music, an excess of knowledge can spoil the broth? …Ooops, something’s gone wrong there. Well, it’s something bad, that’s for damn sure!

Anyway, my point is that sometimes knowing too much when it comes to music can ruin the listening experience. Just as you don’t have to be literate to speak and express yourself, you don’t have to know everything that is going on in a track to be completely enthralled by it. Case in point: there is a lot going on in anything produced by The Bug (a.k.a. Kevin Martin) — and especially in anything he is producing for kick-ass Israeli MC Miss Red — but it’s all so damn catchy and illuminating that you’d best be turning your mind off and going with the sweet flow.

Instead of over-analyzing, we’ll settle for a smidgen or two of helpful basic info. Sharon Stern (a.k.a. Miss Red) will release her debut full-length album through Martin’s Pressure label on July 13. Of the album, Stern says, “I had no interest in making a record that sounds like everybody else, those types of record disappoint me every time, I wanted to make something totally fresh on my terms.”

Apart from being produced to perfection by The Bug, K.O. contains 13 “punk as fuck” progressive dancehall tracks that match Red’s unique delivery style with elegant beats. The hard hitting first single “Dagga” can be heard below and will be available as a limited-to-500 copy, red-colored, hand-stamped, red-disco bagged 12-inch — paired with the bruising album cut “One Shot Killer” — on June 22.

Don’t think about it: this finishing blow from Miss Red should be taken as a pre-order ORDER! Before you’re too ear-beaten to get off the floor…

K.O. tracklisting:

01. Shock Out
02. One Shot Killer
03. Money Machine
04. Alarm
05. War
06. Come Again
07. Big
08. Clouds
09. Dust
10. Dagga
11. Slay
12. Memorial Day
13. K.O.

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