It Takes a Village of Feet to Hold Us Back: Foot Village Pedal New Album and Website

The notice on the bathroom stall was simple: “Seeking foot worshipper for long walks, to watch movies (Walk Hard, Stepping Out, Stomp the Yard) and Scattergories! Will not turn down eager, open-minded ankle biters and calf lovers but prefer those with an erotic, sexual, unshakeable attraction for the foot, proper! No one bearing plantar warts, bunions, or ingrown nails need call." I looked once. Twice. I was no foot fetishist by any stretch of the imagination but I did love L.A. kick-thumpers Foot Village. If this message could get me closer to the sole of the band in any way then maybe I would take my chances. I hesitantly jotted down the number and skulked out thinking about the prophylactic promise of what could be…

Little did I know that I could have just turned on my fuckin’ computer, brought up the new and improved Foot Village website, and gotten dem goods that I so dearly needed! Fellow followers of drum love will rejoice when they see that the Foot Village not only have a new album, Anti-Magic, coming out on Upset the Rhythm on July 21 (July 6 in the U.K./Europe) but have made freely available to everyone a ton of full-length, unedited, mp3 covers of their “Chicken and Cheese 2” -- parts of which will be included in the “super-collage” at the end of Anti-Magic’s LP and CD versions (which use different pieces for their respective collages) -- on the site at this very direct link. While on the site you can check out Anti-Magic’s awesome and insane cover art.

Who be thee artists and friends providing the cover versions of “Chicken and Cheese 2”? Be thee: AIDS Wolf, ANAVAN, Big Digits, Bio Bitch, BITCHES, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Brian Lewis Saunders, Cap N Fresh & The Stay Fresh Seals, Death Sentence: PANDA!, Eddie Brnabic, Fuck Hits Combo, Fur Fur, Geiger Retort, Gian Carlo, Herons, Holy Slouch, Ice Sea Dead People, I.E., Italic Indian, Jason Forrest, Kid Infinity, Kyle H Mabson, Laco$te, Lee Noble, Meta Magical, Mr. Pardiero, Narwhalz, Nero’s Day at Disneyland (contributing two versions), Paid in Puke, Power Sherlock, Robert Inhuman, Spirit Duplicator, Sunken Landscapes, tik///tik, T.I.T.S., Tussle, Two 2 Tango, Vankmen, Weird Habit, Window$, Wolfblitzer, and don't forget YNGWLV.

The digital and cassette (!) collage edits have yet to be completed by the band so there is still time to record a version of “Chicken and Cheese 2” and send it along to have your noise live forever in infamy, posterity, and absurdity.

Magic mushrooms:

1. Energy Hunters
2. Reggae War Zone
4. Death of the Endless
5. -.. .-. ..- -- -.-. .. .-. -.-. .-.. . (a.k.a. Morse code “No Jam”)
6. Grace’s Death
7. National Jamthun
8. Crybaby
9. .-. --- … . .- -. -. . (a.k.a. Morse code “Roseanne”)
10. Anti-Magic
11. Chicken and Cheese 2 (with friends)

The band of sausage-toed athletes will screech their asses across the Atlantic for dates in the U.K. and Europe in October and November (lock up your sons and daughters, etc.) but for now, only residents of California and ambitious travelers will be able to see the band. Hoof it hard to these shows:
06.20.09 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell %
06.28.09 - Los Angleles, CA - The Smell #
07.11.09 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell ^
07.12.09 - San Francisco, CA - The Lab $
08.03.09 - Los Angeles, CA - Pehrspace *

% Religious Girls, Our Brother the Native, Voice on Tape

# DAT Politics, Captain Ahab, Battlehooch

^ Upset the Rhythm Showcase with K.I.T., Gowns, Death Sentence: PANDA!, Lucky Dragons

$ Upset the Rhythm Showcase

* Sean Carnage Anniversary Show with Nu Sensai

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