Chromatics and Symmetry among the upcoming artists demonstrating how Italians (still) Do It Better

Chromatics and Symmetry among the upcoming artists demonstrating how Italians (still) Do It Better

The bedazzled disco witches over at Italians Do It Better are stirring up a few new releases/reissues/whatever-ya-wanna-call-‘em at some undisclosed, mysterious point in the near future. Disco witches never reveal their secrets… until their magic ear potions are almost up in stores, of course. Witches are capitalists, too, y’all! Anyway, the tripped-out Candyland world that brought you Chromatics and Symmetry is bringing you some more of what you like, with a virtual cornucopia of releases from said artists.

Conjured up from some seriously magickal spellwork comes the vinyl version of Chromatics’ Running from the Sun release, which includes a bunch of gems from the Kill for Love (TMT Review) sessions that didn’t make it onto that album. These include an alternate take on the track “Kill for Love” and a cover of the Rodgers and Hart song that made yer grandma squeal, “Blue Moon.” The disco witches have also stewed up a couple 12-inch releases of previously released tracks “Cherry” and “Tick of the Clock.” Plus: The Messenger, an album by label wizard Johnny Jewel’s Symmetry project that only got a promo release back in 2011 but is now getting a proper vinyl release. Look for these in stores on a date that is not today.

Chromatics’ Running From the Sun tracklisting:

01. Dreaming in Color
02. Red Car
03. Kill for Love
04. Last Wish
05. Running From the Sun
06. Disintegration
07. These Streets Will Never Look the Same
08. Blue Moon

Chromatics’ Tick of the Clock 12-inch tracklisting:

01. Tick of the Clock (Film Edit)
02. Tick of the Clock (Visione’s The Stroke of Midnight Remix)
03. Tick of the Clock (Extended Overdrive)

Chromatics’ Cherry 12-inch tracklisting:

01. Cherry
02. Candy (Original Version)
03. Headlight’s Glare
04. Ceremony (ft. Ida No)
05. At Your Door
06. Cherry (I Can’t Keep Running)
07. Vertigo
08. Cherry (Instrumental)

Symmetry’s The Messenger tracklisting:

01. Recurring Dream
02. The Messenger
03. Vanishing Point
04. Carousel
05. Waiting Room
06. Uptown Rain
07. Thicker Than Blood
08. Roulette
09. Lost In Time
10. Tunnel Vision
11. Surface Control
12. The Dancer
13. The Hunt

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