It’s Good News. Baby, It’s Good News: Rilo Kiley Set Release for Under the Blacklight and I’m Going to Leak the Album in This Article!

Love them or hate them, they will still bend genres like robots under a bridge and melt melodies into euphonious pop ballads. Rilo Kiley will deliver their fourth album, Under the Blacklight, on August 21, bringing us a little more rock than previous efforts. So don't entirely expect more of Jenny Lewis' country twang of Rabbit Fur Coat or Blake Sennett's Elliott Smith-inspired vibrations thought up in The Elected's Sun, Sun, Sun. Since side projects are out of the way, it is time to return to form.

Also being the band's first major label release on Warner, Under the Blacklight was produced by Mike Elizondo and Jason Lader. The album will presumably follow the darker side of Rilo Kiley's Los Angeles life and home, according to a spokesperson. Along with the major label debut, the band may once again be placed in the spotlight, as Sennett (Boy Meets World, Salute Your Shorts) and Lewis (Troop Beverly Hills, Pleasantville) were both previous child actors. But who gives a Joey The Rat's ass anyway about the band's past. New listeners will be much more adapted to Rilo Kiley's sound once they get over the fact they will never find Jenny Lewis in Pleasantville and that Tobey Maguire has always been a bad actor.

As for the album, I'm sure many fans are already sneakily awaiting a giant leak to spread across the internets like gonorrhea throughout Paris Hilton's pristine female prison facility. For those of us who can wait, we can only speculate the title and mysterious tracklisting. Is the title referring to the times my father would raid my room with a blacklight in search of any "male activity" (Yes, just like that dumb, old MTV show Room Raiders)? Is the song "Breakin' Up" about the time Jenny Lewis and I had to call off our fantasized relationship, due to our age difference and uncontrollable lust? Is "Smoke Detector" about a device that prevents fires? And most importantly is "Angel Hung Around" about the now deceased, but always well-"hung," Ronald Reagan (God knows we, TMT Staff, mourn him everyday)?

Sweet-ass buffalo tits! I cannot wait. I'm going to search for the album and download it somewhere.... okay, done... now I must leak the album myself. Here you go TMT readers:

MP3 Download: Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight

This has gotten out of hand; Blacklight tracklist:

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