It’s not a Hot Snakes reunion, but it’s close enough! Obits go on tour with Night Marchers

It's not a Hot Snakes reunion, but it's close enough! Obits go on tour with Night Marchers

About half a decade ago, awesome Brooklyn garage ragers Hot Snakes broke up. Since then, vocalist Rick Froberg formed Obits, while guitarist John Reis started The Night Marchers. That’s all fine and well, but the question of whether Froberg and Reis (who also played in Drive By Jehu together) would share a stage again loomed large. Now, that question has an answer — sort of. Technically, the two will share a string of stages as their respective bands tour the West Coast this July. They just, you know, (probably) won’t occupy it at the same time. Still, it’s not like either of them is going to hog it or anything, so they’re still totally sharing it.

Obits tourdates:

07.20.10 - Alex’s Bar - Long Beach, CA *
07.21.10 - Blank Club - San Jose, CA *
07.23.10 - Dante’s - Portland, OR *
07.25.10 - Rickshaw Theater - Vancouver BC, Canada *
07.27.10 - Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA *
07.28.10 - Echo - Los Angeles, CA *
07.29.10 - Casbah - San Diego, CA *
07.31.10 - Che Café - San Diego, CA *

• Obits:
• The Night Marchers:

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