J. Cole announces New album K.O.D., dropping this Friday

J. Cole announces New album K.O.D., dropping this Friday
Ceci n'est pas une J. Cole.

Facts can only be discerned from objective evidence. In 2018, tweets are objective evidence, and from J. Cole’s recently pinned tweet we can discern three facts:

1. J. Cole is releasing an album on Friday (20 April) called K.O.D.
2. J. Cole doesn’t like long lead times on the promotion of records.
3. J. Cole doesn’t like surprise releasing albums, so he’s given us a nice, healthy, 48-hour lead time to set our aural anticipation.

Apart from these objective truths, we are left with nothing but internet speculation about K.O.D.; including that the title is actually Kiss of Death and that, according to NYC journalist Brian “B.Dot” Miller, he may or may not have written the album in two weeks (about twice as long as the promo period for this album).

So…basically: quit your day job. Shirk all filial responsibilities. Ignore your friends. And Watch this space.

That’s what “everyone else” will be doing.

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