J To The Dilla To The New Box Set: Stones Throw to Reissue Ruff Draft Box Set, Complete With Vile of J Dilla’s Sweat!

As you may know, James Yancey (J Dilla) died from lupus a couple years ago, three days after both his birthday and the release of his last album, Donuts. Several albums have since been released or reissued, including The Shining (his second "official" album) and Ruff Draft, the latter of which was reissued by Stones Throw last year and fleshed out with additional songs to form a ‘complete’ version of its original EP form. For a limited time, the album was also released in cassette-form in a box set.

Due to popular demand, Stones Throw are now reissuing the box set again. Titled TURN IT UP! A Little Louder, the set includes the original version of the album on cassette, along with other assorted goodies like:

- A brown tee that says "TURN IT UP! A Little Louder."

- A "Reckless Driving Ticket" that Stones Throw created to ‘ticket’ people outside of Ruff Draft listening parties in Spring 2007.

- A photo of J Dilla taken by B+.

- A 15x12x3-inch box to keep all the goods in.

The box set retails at $39.95 (includes shipping) and you can purchase it from Stones Throw here.

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