Jack White announces new album Lazaretto, totally sells out and uses computers to help get the word out!

Jack White announces new album Lazaretto, totally sells out and uses computers to help get the word out!

Whoa, man. What is with this harsh, ugly, cold, digital, online announcement I just read regarding the release of Jack White’s newest solo album (and follow-up to 2012’s pretty cool Blunderbuss) that’s coming out in June for his Third Man Records label? I don’t know about y’all, but when an analog purist like White announces a new record, I expect to find out about it via a beautifully hand-silkscreened and individually numbered print that gets hand-delivered to my mailbox by a uniformed employee of Third Man, if not White himself. But alas, apparently that’s a little too much to ask? Am I missing something here?

Anyway, the album is called Lazaretto (which I think is either some sort of car or a shoe), and it’s due on June 9/10 in all of its analog glory. Of course, since June is still a long way off, White will also be releasing the title track “later this month” as the first official single.

Speaking of analog glory, there’s also a pretty insanely ambitious Vault package available that includes all kinds of exclusive stuff, such as split-color vinyl, exclusive artwork, several 7-inches of album demos, a “lavish 40-page hard bound companion piece book full of lyrics, exclusive musical notations, photos and art” and even a “linen, letter-pressed postcard with the same eye-popping color separations as evidenced in classic chromatic postcards popular in the first half of the 20th century.” Honestly, it’s kind of a lot of stuff. You can read all of the crisp, warm, high-end details over at White’s website if you want. Just know that subscriptions are only open through April 30 and that, again, you’re kinda being encouraged to use a computer, which is bullshit.

And finally, if even “later this month” sounds interminably far off to you to hear a new Jack White single, you can also “experience a first taste of new music from the album and watch the video for new instrumental track ‘High Ball Stepper’” in all its crude… digital-iousness down below. Yick. No thank you.

• Jack White: http://jackwhiteiii.com
• Third Man: http://thirdmanrecords.com

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