James Blake is *MAYBE KINDA PROBABLY* releasing a new album later this month?

James Blake is *MAYBE KINDA PROBABLY* releasing a new album later this month?

Great news, everyone: It’s Rumor time!

Like we were totally just saying a few weeks ago when we announced his imminent 2019 North American tour: 2018 was a PRETTY BIG YEAR for Jiminy Glick James Blake.

But 2019 is looking positively ‘UUUUUUGE.

In addition to criss-crossing much of the western hemisphere next month, a recent Reddit thread points out that there’s totally one of those super-ugly Amazon.com pre-order pages up RIGHT NOW for a new album by Blake titled Assume Form.

(Hey, did someone just say “assume?”)

From the look of things, the British croon-master’s first album since 2016’s The Colour In Anything is POSSIBLY(?) out January 25 and — per a little additional Stereogum sleuthing — MAYBE(?) features contributions from André 3000, Travis Scott, Moses Sumney, Rosalía, Metro Boomin, and UK rapper SwaVay.

Timing-wise, of course, all of this would make a lot of sense, given how much Ricki Lake’s James Blake’s name has been in the news this past year.

But again: all of this remains UN-CONFIRMED-AF as of right now. Likely as they may be, these tantalizing rumors hardly count as “legit” news…but then again, Tiny Mix Tapes BARELY counts as a “legit” website! So, what the hell, right? Let’s all just “assume” this is definitely happening and get real excited!

Here’s MAYBE the tracklist for the LIKELY new album PROBABLY called Assume Form:

01. Assume Form
02. Mile High
03. Tell Them
04. Into The Red
05. Barefoot In The Park
06. Can’t Believe The Way We Flow
07. Are You In Love?
08. Where’s The Catch?
09. I’ll Come Too
10. Power On
11. Don’t Miss It
12. Lullaby For My Insomniac

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