James Blake readying another EP for December, starting to come around on Skrillex

James Blake readying another EP for December, starting to come around on Skrillex

Ever since our crack team of audio researchers were unable to find a single flaw with James Blake’s debut album back in January (one writer thought he found one halfway through “I Mind,” and after being proven wrong he was slashed in the face with a 180 gram vinyl copy of Arthur Russell’s World of Echo), Mr. Blake has let his youthful exuberance run wild — touring the world with the same hoodie every night, collaborating with a squeaking drum, and releasing the follow-up EP Enough Thunder. Well, the exuberance is still glowing ruby red, because Blake is releasing yet another EP on December 11 for R&S. Or maybe it’s just a single since there’s only three tracks? I don’t know, but I opted for “EP” in the headline since that sounds more exciting and might generate enough page views to bump me into the 1%.

So this EP/single. The A-side is “Love What Happened Here,” and the B-side is a twofer — “At Birth” and “Curbside,” inspired by The Tree of Life and American History X, respectively. R&S previously released Blake’s 2010 breakout EPs, CMYK and Klavierwerke, so the pressure’s on to sample the right Kelis snippet this time around. Good luck James, we’re still rooting for ya.

Love What Happened Here tracklisting:

A. Love What Happened Here
B1. At Birth
B2. Curbside

• James Blake: http://jamesblakemusic.com
• R&S: http://rsrecords.com

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