James Ferraro brings the super-high-definition rainforest to the MoMA PS1 with new exhibit 100%

James Ferraro brings the super-high-definition rainforest to the MoMA PS1 with new exhibit 100%

As one does, James Ferraro — he of last year’s NYC, HELL 3:00 AM (TMT Review) — will soon be presenting a brand-new exhibit at New York’s MoMA PS1 between March 23 and June 13. It’s called 100%, and is made up of three different parts entitled Saint Prius, Dubai Dream Tone, and Eco-Savage Suite.

The whole thing seems basically designed around the notion that maybe vaporwave and vaporwavey-type music is kind of like a wild animal that we’ve been holding in captivity for all this time and that maybe all it wants is to return to its natural habitat like Free Willy in the popular whale film Free Willy. I mean, Saint Prius is a composition that Ferraro put together to act as hold music for the museum’s phone system, Dubai Dream Tone will play in the museum’s elevators, and Eco-Savage Suite is a collection of ringtones available on the museum’s website. Can you ever really go home though? I mean, I think the real Free Willy died once he was free. And I also think maybe vaporwave is already dead? This is all very confusing, which is why I’m pretty sure it’s art.

Anyhow, Ferraro says that, “Stylistically, 100% sounds fake, ethno-ambiguous, New Age, plastic, and readymade. It’s like a fake indoor rain forest in Dubai’s international airport with the most advanced systems to create sustainable ecologies and habitats.” The whole deal is designed to highlight moments where the “sonic backdrop of the 21st-century global city” breaks down into dissonance or distortion. You want to read more about the exhibit and also make the guys down in IT think the history on your work computer is pretty damn cultured? Click here, brother. You want to hear a track that will almost definitely be included in this exhibit? Check out that YouTube video below:

• James Ferraro: https://twitter.com/LIL_ICEBUNNY
• MoMA PS1: http://momaps1.org

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