James Ferraro to debut new work “Biomeme Morphogenesis” this week at Berlin’s Transmediale festival

James Ferraro to debut new work "Biomeme Morphogenesis" this week at Berlin's Transmediale festival

James Ferraro, boundary-pushing sound architect and tireless theorist of the (late) human condition, is going to premiere a new work live at Berlin’s Transmediale festival this Thursday (click here for time, location, and more info on the fest). “BioMeme Morphogenesis” is a black midi and digital composition about “the blurry lines dividing humanity and artificial intelligence.” Judging by Ferraro’s most recent output, 2016’s Human Story 3 and a shorter piece called Burning Prius, music-wise we can expect a deft amalgamate of high-tech and retro-tech electronica with contemporary classical touches, this time perhaps in the Nancarrow tradition.

For those of us who can’t make it to Transmediale, Ferraro is also going to perform at Union Nightclub in Los Angeles on March 16, opening for another TMT favorite, Dedekind Cut.

Revisit “Burning Prius” here:

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