James Ferraro readies new album Far Side Virtual with bonus Time Warner/700 Club creatine body spray

James Ferraro readies new album Far Side Virtual with bonus Time Warner/700 Club creatine body spray

Blorp, blorp, blurp-bleurp. Hot news, hotter discounts. Blooop. That’s gotta hurt! RUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DIMblorp. Next onAnimaniacs*snikt*. You’re watch-blugg… you. The WB, stay tuned to OWNflerp. Get ‘em, gut ‘em, get ‘em, gut ‘em, get’em’gem, gum — grum. Ge-net-ics?? Tranzz action denied. Please insert more gum… reload GNU OS for a unexpected easter egg ;o) Say “goodbye” to the schism within.

New-nude Ferraro al-b.u.m.! THANKYOUfor turning off your cells as a Kurtesy to others and “Enjoytheshow!” cuz ain’t it sumthin’?! New album is Far Side Virtual, “coming soon to a Summer near you.” THANKYOUfor coming, it’s been tooo long ;o) “For a smoother smoke… I’ll be back.” ~The Terminator. Feel soothing relief, as the label transfers to your skin: Hippos in Tanks. Hippos in Tanks?? Why, that’s more savings than you’ll know what to do with! ;o) FYI: partial rebroadcasting of this message strychninely forbidden. J/K. Hoof arted? Hoo cares, girl was fine, so fine. So effing fine. I felt like a woman in her own personal McWorld. One question, doh: anybuddy ‘chex’ed the spectrals yet?! I mean I gotta eat too LOL… stop futzing around! I oughta jpeg-stream ya for that ;o)

Sez Ferraro: “All the proceeds from Far Side Virtual are going towards my facial reconstructive plastic surgery, my new face will be fashioned after CCTV’s satellite queen, Princess Diana. and you will be able to see it live in concert on the Far Side Virtual World Tour.. Always coca cola.”

Sez me, in a chatroom testimonial: “At first I was skeptical. Far Side Virtual / Breast Men / Fahrenheit 9/11 combo pack on clearance, plus Sam’s Club rewards? Then I let go and felt wave after wave after wave of satisfaction. I let it touch me, minus the resistance. Who knew psychosexual transcendence was not only possible, but right around the corner? It was 2009 and I was ready for passion. I wouldn’t miss out on another Jim Ferraro module and I didn’t. Completely worth the drip.”

• James Ferraro: http://soundcloud.com/digital_skin
• Hippos in Tanks: http://hipposintanks.net
• Jimmy Dean: http://jimmydean.com
• American Apparel: http://americanapparel.net
• School for Self-Healing: http://www.self-healing.org
• MasterCard: http://www.mastercard.com

[Photo: sm_fenn]

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