James Ferraro tours Europe’s theme parks and select Starbucks, plans fall tour with Ariel Pink

James Ferraro tours Europe's theme parks and select Starbucks, plans fall tour with Ariel Pink


Empty mugs, books, beer bottles, and cassette tapes cover the coffee table. Polaroids cover one wall. A denim jacket hangs from the doorknob.

SAM and ZAK are best friends. They are also members of a dream-noise-punk band called Beach University. They sit on a floral sofa that SAM found at a yard sale, where she also purchased a few Neil Young albums and set of tea cups. They are watching Twin Peaks. SAM has her laptop open, because she has already seen both seasons four times. She squints through her round, oversized glasses.

What the shit.


So Ariel Pink is touring in the fall, and he's chatting with SPIN, and he's like "I think all the hipsters who came to all of our shows as teenagers have grown up now."


Is he talking about us?


A cat wanders into the room and jumps onto the coffee table.

He's playing with James Ferraro in the fall.

The cat walks and the pile of cassettes falls.

Did I tell you that I named him Condo?


Can you guess why?


So Ferraro will jet around Europe for a while, then jam with Ariel Pink starting in September, but I can't find out exactly fucking when or where. And he's all like "we're playing bigger venues and I hope the old hipsters can afford it and I don't want to name my next album until the last minute and guess what everyone it's going to be different but not dubstep."

Are we old now?

The cat jumps onto the TV, which falls and shatters. An electric crash. Blackout.

James Ferraro tourdates:

06.01.12 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Distortion Festival
06.02.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera
06.05.12 - Koln, Germany - Stadtgarden
06.06.12 - Oslo, Norway - BLA
06.07.12 - Stockholm, Sweden - DEBASER SLUSSEN
06.08.12 - Berlin, Germany - Berghain
06.09.12 - Porto, Portugal - Primavera
06.12.12 - Milan, Italy - TBA
06.13.12 - Faenza, Italy - TBA
06.16.12 - Dublin, Ireland - The Joinery
06.17.12 - Glasgow, UK - TBA
06.18.12 - London, UK - Birthdays

• James Ferraro: http://soundcloud.com/digital_skin
• Ariel Pink: http://www.arielpink.com

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