James Leyland Kirby’s V/Vm project offers 5th installment in Boomkat’s 12x12” series, mixed and chopped by Miles from Demdike Stare

James Leyland Kirby’s V/Vm project offers 5th installment in Boomkat's 12x12" series, mixed and chopped by Miles from Demdike Stare

Boomkat Editions is back in action with a new release from its ongoing 12x12” series (which has previously featured such brilliant artists as Raime, Kara Lis-Coverdale, and Beatrice Dillon), and this one’s a real doozy: V/Vm, the long-running project from The Caretaker’s James Leyland Kirby, has provided the label with old productions from 2006, “mixed and chopped to mucky perfection” by Miles of Demdike Stare in 2017, and it’s called Brabant Schrobbeler.

The one-sided LP is compiled from “New Beat tributes” that, 11 years after their creation, “take on a new afterlife, resculpted into the oft-maligned but temporally appropriate format of a MegaMix, as was found on dozens of original New Beat and Acid House compilations and 12”s.” Finally, someone is fueling my weirdly-specific nostalgia for 2006 dance music that in turn fuels my slightly-more-general nostalgia for late-80s Belgian dance music. Seriously, took you guys long enough!

Luckily I (and you) don’t have to wait much longer (or at all), because the short-but-sweet Brabant Schrobbeler is out now, and it’s available in the Boomkat store on colored vinyl or, if you’re some kind of deranged maniac, plain vinyl (which I’ve heard is black, but I really wouldn’t know from my collection of limited special-edition LP reissues). You can click that link for some musical excerpts as well, but only if you want to be temporarily transported back to the mystical land of 2006, which, let’s be honest, is everyone’s most glorious dream.

Brabant Schrobbeler tracklisting:

01. Brabant Schrobbeler

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