Jamie Stewart guest stars in performance piece by Vaginal Davis; Xiu Xiu tour, make antiquated entreaty for a lock of your hair

Jamie Stewart guest stars in performance piece by Vaginal Davis; Xiu Xiu tour, make antiquated entreaty for a lock of your hair

As you may know, Xiu Xiu just finished up a huge tour (TMT News). God really must hate them, because they’re about to start another enormous tour in just a hot second. In the middle of it all, Jamie Stewart is going to be a guest star on “Speaking from the Diaphragm,” a performance piece by the legendary Vaginal Davis. Spanning from May 15 until May 27 at the PS122 in New York City, the piece “re-examines the heyday of 1970s American daytime television chat and variety programs.” The performance includes a panoply of rotating guest stars live and via Skype, including musicians Joel Gibb (The Hidden Cameras), Gio Black Peter, Glen Meadmore, and Carol Pope, plus many, many other artists and fashion/film personalities. If you haven’t heard of Vaginal Davis for her zines or work in the homo-core punk movement (as her bio succinctly describes it), don’t confuse her for an underground Eve Ensler. Music/queercore aficionados may recognize her as the leader of Black Fag, The Afro Sisters, ¡Cholita!, Pedro, Muriel & Esther [PME], and The Female Menudo. Jamie Stewart is definitely in excellent company.

As for the tour, Xiu Xiu leave in May for Asia and Europe, following their performance of Unknown Pleasures in Austria (TMT News). Normal enough. If you’re the first person per show to bring the band a lock of your hair attached to a card marked with your name, you will receive a Xiu Xiu comb and sticker pack. A little strange, but still no different than a trip to the dentist, sticker-wise. However, when Xiu Xiu come back home, they will make a video in which they light each individual strand on fire, uttering the owner’s name and breathing in the fumes. And you thought they were creepy before!


05.02.10 - Shanghai, China - YYT Live
05.03.10 - Beijing, China- Strawberry Festival
05.05.10 - Busan, South Korea - Basement
05.06.10 - Daegu, South Korea - Guess
05.07.10 - Seoul, South Korea - Rolling Hall
05.19.10 - Jerusalem, Israel - Yellow Submarine
05.20.10 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Levontin 7
05.21.10 - Leipzig, Germany - Conne Island (Altin Village Festival)
05.22.10 - Berlin, Germany - Hebbel Am Ufer (HAU 2)
05.23.10 - Poznan, Poland - TBA
05.24.10 - Warsaw, Poland - Powiekszenie
05.26.10 - Vienna, Austria - WUK
05.27.10 - Graz, Austria - Postgarage
05.28.10 - Budapest, Hungary - A38
05.29.10 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Kino Siska
05.30.10 - Zagreb, Croatia - ZEDNO UHO Festival
05.31.10 - Nurenberg, Germany - K4
06.01.10 - Frankfurst, Germany - Brotfabrik
06.02.10 - Duisburg, Germany - Steinbruch
06.03.10 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Ekko
06.04.10 - Tier, Germany - Exhaus
06.05.10 - Brussels, Belgium - Botanique
06.06.10 - London, UK - Plan B
06.07.10 - Roubaix, France - Cave aux Poètes
06.09.10 - Paris, France - Filmer la Musique (Point Ephémère)
06.10.10 - Metz, France - Cloître des Trinitaires
06.11.10 - Lucerne, Switzerland - B-Sides Festival
06.12.10 - Torino, Italy - Spazio 211
06.17.10 - Rome, Italy - Init
06.18.10 - Bucharest, Romania - Liveland Festival

• Xiu Xiu: http://xiuxiu4life.blogspot.com

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