Jamie Stewart & Lawrence English team as HEXA to soundtrack David Lynch’s Factory Photographs

Jamie Stewart & Lawrence English team as HEXA to soundtrack David Lynch's Factory Photographs

Because simply looking at stuff is ALWAYS BORING (even if that “stuff” is David Lynch’s David Lynch-y photographs of “factories in various states of disuse”), your friends and mine, Room40’s own Lawrence English and Xiu Xiu’s fabulously-muscled Jamie Stewart (who’s definitely no stranger to all-things-Lynchian), have once again teamed up to “create an auditory response” to Lynch’s photo series as the drone-y, industrial, ominously-atonal HEXA, commissioned by Brisbane’s Gallery Of Modern Art (which brought the exhibition to life last year).

I don’t know about you, but NO THANKS TO THE STUPID INTERNET, I didn’t even know that shit was going down, let alone see or hear any of it. Damn, damn, damn. Looks like this whole “world wide web” thing has officially utterly failed to make our lives better like it was supposed to. Close it down! End of news story.

Except… wait, though! I just found TONS of good news to make up for it:

First, the resultant soundtrack album from English and Stewart, which investigated the ways in which “sound and music act on the mind and body” by conjuring “the post-industrial atmosphere of photographs Lynch took during location scouting for The Elephant Man and the unrealized film Ronnie Rocket,” is officially a-comin’ out for mass vinyl consumption this November 4 on Room40. Secondly, HEXA will be presenting the whole thing as a composite audio-visual work sometime in 2017, for which David Lynch “has kindly allowed the original visual montage of his photographs to be presented as part of the piece as it was during the debut performance in Brisbane during 2015.” And finally, we can totes pre-order that shit here and listen to the album’s unsettling first track “Sludge” here right now! Ahh. All is forgiven, internet!

Factory Photographs tracklisting:

Side A
01. Sledge
02. Down
03. Lumber
04. Ring Bark
05. There Never Was
06. A Breath
07. The Coldest Kiss

Side B
08. Vertical Horizons
09. Over Horizontal Plains
10. Body

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