Jana Hunter Scours Eastern States To Find Out, Once And For All, Who Has Her Money

An anecdote: Last January, I got the chance to catch a Jana Hunter show in the downstairs of a smallish London pub. While the opening band performed, Jana leaned against a pillar near the bar, drink in hand, most assuredly chillin'. When it came time for her to go on, she parted the crowd with a mumbled "'scuse me" and ambled on stage, setting the drink on an amp and picking up her guitar. The audience was silent while she played a short set of songs, and before anyone could get fully comfortable, she had set the guitar back down, picked up her drink, tucked her hair behind her ear, and walked back over to the bar. The music had been nothing but somber and haunting, so we all politely clapped, but I think it's safe to say that amidst the clapping was the tiny sound of a hundred hearts rupturing.

Have your insides ripped apart this October:

10.13.06 - Providence, RI - AS220
10.14.06 - Northampton, MA - Eagles Club
10.15.06 - Boston, MA - PA's Lounge
10.16.06 - Portsmouth, NH - The Red Door
10.17.06 - Bronxville, NY - Sarah Lawrence
10.18.06 - New Haven, CT - BAR Nightclub
10.19.06 - Brooklyn, NY - Northsix
10.20.06 - New York, NY - Tonic
10.21.06 - Purchase, NY - SUNY Purchase
10.22.06 - Buffalo, NY - Soundlab
10.23.06 - Rochester, NY - TBA
10.24.06 - Worcester, MA - TBA

all dates w/ Deer Tick

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