Japan’s OOIOO announce (basically the first) vinyl reissue of seminal album Gold & Green

Japan's OOIOO announce (basically the first) vinyl reissue of seminal album Gold & Green

Despite the semi-recent passing of band co-founder Kyoko, Japanese psych/noise adventurers OOIOO are still doing things. But in between all of the touring and tour-scheduling, who can begrudge the experimental outfit a hard-earned look at the past?

Today’s so-called “vinyl resurgence” hadn’t quite “resurged” yet when their album Gold & Green was released in 2000, so the original issue was a mere CD, partly sponsored by the label of Boredoms member Yamatsuka Eye, Shock City. Then came a limited edition LP release in Japan in 2001, but as OOIOO’s own Twitter account attests, that version “did not contain all the music” — specifically, the tracks “Return to Now!!” and “Fossil,” as far as I can tell. And you can bet that certain fans out there have been clamoring (picture a less-intense version of middle-aged padawans waiting for faithful editions of IV, V, and VI on blu-ray) for a kick-ass, colorful, and fully-accurate vinyl reissue.

Thus, the July 28 reissue of Gold & Green is a double LP, with a limited number having the two records pressed on alternating gold and green vinyl. Thrill Jockey is the label behind the release, a download coupon is included, and…blah blah blah. This arguably being the band’s best release certainly merits purchase-consideration. But hey, why not consider even more intensely at the pre-order page?

Gold and Green tracklisting:

01. Moss Trumpeter
02. てくてく Tune
03. Grow Sound Tree
04. Mountain Book
05. I’m A Song
06. Fossil
07. Ina 咲くの森
08. Unu
09. Ibdi
10. 木6列車
11. Emeraldragonfly
12. Return To Now!!!

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