JAY-Z announces new album 4:44, catches Magikarp at Barclays Center

JAY-Z announces new album 4:44, catches Magikarp at Barclays Center
"Huh, Magikarp... HERE? This ain't no fuckin' water biome!"

In a move sure to guarantee that his name remains synonymous with shitty streaming services and poor reception, Jay Z JAY-Z has announced a new album that will be available exclusively to TIDAL users and Sprint customers. The album is titled 4:44, which I guess is both an album and a film? Possibly a “visual album”? Doesn’t this sound like aadffffffffffffffffffffffff

Oh, sorry, I fell asleep at my keyboard…

Anyway, Jay Z JAY-Z — who, by the way, started a venture capital fund earlier this year that focuses on “social impact investing” — shared a snippet of a track called “Adnis,” which is part of a trailer for the 4:44 film starring Danny Glover and Mahershala Ali. It’s all out June 30, next Friday.

I’m too tired to explain what TIDAL is, but here’s a link.

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