Doomers rejoice! j.b. glazer announces new album Terra, out soon on Jannet Power INC

Doomers rejoice! j.b. glazer announces new album Terra, out soon on Jannet Power INC

Back in February, we here at TMT really liked j.b. glazer’s Compact Break. The album operated just at the fringes of pop, with enough of a sinister, standoffish footing to keep it interesting. Eyes darting about, sweating profusely in the aisle of a train carriage, j.b. glazer attempted to make sense of a confusing existence — a possible entry into the ever-coalescing New Weird British continuum if ever there was one.

But if Compact Break retained a bit too much “pop music” semblance for your permanently-fried minds, you’re gonna wanna check this gear out: glazer is about to return with Terra, a record which evokes the hand-in-hand between our rapidly-changing physical landscapes and mental states, not to mention being a near-homonym for “terror.” glazer is doubling down on the prickly angst that pervaded his previous release, going pretty much full doomer here; the pastoral world collapses against the chugging sounds of industry, as a nu-noise music for “empty train lines, burnin’” takes form (with occasional vocal respite from the likes of Elena Isolini, Peaches and Bianca Scout).

Jannet Power INC releases Terra digitally on August 23. You can preorder over at Bandcamp, and also stream “teeth” and “moon river” ahead of release, if you fancy. Below lies with a glazer-minted video accompaniment and a tracklist, for your viewing (dis)pleasure. And, if you happen to be in southeast London on release day, you could do worse than to check out the Terra release party at Deptford Bunker. Good luck out there!

Terra tracklisting:

01. pollo
02. slow,ufo
03. opera
04. teeth
05. moon river (feat. elena isolini)
06. Clean shirt Fuck boy
07. poison
08. nicorette (feat. peaches & bianca scout)
90. gravel diary
10. i met him in my co-working space
11. talk is Cheap?
12. a fifty year old man in a billie eilish t shirt
13. Dead

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